Thank you Fiona for preparing terrific plans and drawings that were so much more detailed and inspiring than I ever expected. It was fun working with you and I am very grateful to you for providing the framework that made a long-time dream come true - a beautiful, organic vegetable garden.
— T.B., Lafayette
Fiona Dunbar is a joy to work with. I had interviewed someone to do my garden who just barreled in, ignored my concerns and came up with a plan that was way too expensive and involved way too much destruction. Fiona on the other hand, met with me, ascertained my needs and has worked with me for over a year, shaping the garden I and my family want and that is within our budget. She has consulted, planted, tended, and maintained what was once a wilderness of weeds and grass and is now a gorgeous garden that is environmentally appropriate and also produces some delicious vegetables.
— S.G., Point Richmond
From design to dirt to table (in our case), working with Fiona is easy, efficient and the result is a beautiful garden for kids and adults.
— K.P., North Berkeley
We needed a re-design of our small garden area in the front of our rental home in San Francisco. Fiona came up with a design that met all of our needs: low maintenance, drought resistant and attractive. She was extremely easy to work with, very responsive to our ideas, had very creative ideas, even purchased smaller plants on her own to cut the costs of the project. She was great at communication, a talent hard to find these days. Put Dirt Girl Gardens at the top of your list for landscape design and implementation!! We have!!!
— P.A., San Francisco
Fiona has been a delight to work with. She is very responsive to my ideas and preferences, yet uses her expertise to make sure that the actual execution of the garden is consistent with the natural conditions. I look forward to the day she is coming to work in the garden.
— M.J., Point Richmond
Fiona recently designed our backyard and planted our mix of lovey natives and non-natives. She’s paying a lot of attention to ensure our garden survives this nasty draught! She’s quite thoughtful and easy to work with.
— D.D., Richmond Heights






- M.J., Point Richmond