Our Approach

Observe.  We look carefully at your landscape, noting patterns, movement, focal points, functionality, the relationship to buildings, and consider the local and regional context of your site.

Ask.  We help to identify your goals. How can we make your outdoor spaces more livable, beautiful and enjoyable? How can the landscape be more sustainable? What are your budget and maintenance requirements? What plants and aesthetics do you prefer?

Analyze.  Developing a design that will be well adapted to your site requires collaborating with nature, not fighting it. We take a thorough study of soils, drainage and topography, existing vegetation, and patterns of wind, fog, sun and shade, and design your landscape accordingly.

Localize.  We design gardens that reflect and complement the natural context of the landscape, and make the most of existing site characteristics, reusing materials, and adding drought tolerant plants that invite birds and beneficial insects into your garden habitat. 

Respond.  Observation and analysis guide the process as we develop design plans that meet your garden goals and that will be successfully attuned to the natural site characteristics.

Conserve.  We value conserving natural resources, energy, time and money to make and maintain your landscape. Low water and low maintenance are a priority, as is reusing and repurposing what’s already available on site.

Regenerate.  We strive to design abundant landscapes in which an ecosystem can thrive, complete with healthy soil, birds and beneficial insects, and widespread biodiversity. 

Steward and Share.  Our goal is to create outdoor living spaces that expand your home, business or school, providing your family and community with a relaxing, engaging and attractive place to spend time and interact with the natural world.