Garden Coaching

Boost your confidence in the garden with the help of Dirt Girl Gardens coaching!  Personalized coaching and consultation will equip homeowners and Do-It-Yourself gardeners with the information and techniques to create the garden results you envision. 

Invest in a coaching session with Dirt Girl Gardens, bringing in a professional who can help you see the potential in your landscape, share tips and techniques for nurturing your garden, offer ideas and answer questions to bring your vision to life.

Coaching offerings are personalized to your needs and goals, and may include:

  • Strategizing how to use as little water as possible in your garden while maintaining happy plants,

  • Learning how and when to plant, prune and fertilize your plants so they survive and thrive,

  • Clarifying your goals, and developing an action plan,

  • Guiding you in how to grow your own food, and what to plant during each season,

  • Designing a basic plant palette for your garden,

  • Identifying plant names and care needs,

  • Writing up a clear and manageable garden maintenance plan,

  • Problem solving a particularly tricky spot in your garden,

  • Suggesting ways to refresh garden beds, create focal points and improve the functionality of your garden so you can better enjoy it,

  • Offering a progression of phases to implement changes in your garden.


Whether you need one session or a dozen, Dirt Girl Gardens will guide you in learning about your plants, implementing projects, and tackling multiple sections of your garden. Most coaching and consultation sessions last between 1-2 hours. Payment is due at the time of our meeting, at a rate of $90 per hour. Contact us today to schedule your first garden coaching session!


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