The design process may vary from one client to another, depending on the simplicity or complexity you require. For example, a list of plants targeting specific areas of the garden might suffice for one person, while another might want a detailed design showing quantity and placement of each plant in the garden.

Dirt Girl Gardens can work with you to determine your needs and budget when it comes to the design process. We can perform a portion, or all, of the process below.


Consultation. Together, we walk through your landscape, determine your goals, identify existing challenges and assets, and discuss your vision.


Site Analysis. Dirt Girl Gardens takes photos and measurements and assesses existing conditions.


Conceptual Designs. Dirt Girl Gardens drafts several rough design schemes, each targeting your goals and vision, but offering different options for arranging the landscape.


Review. Together, we review the conceptual designs, making decisions and revisions to develop the most desirable and successful design.


Final Design. Dirt Girl Gardens drafts the final design scheme based on the review of conceptual designs.


Planting List and Plan. Along with the final design, you’ll receive a detailed planting plan, showing exact placement of plants in the landscape. An accompanying plant list incorporates common and botanical plant names, sizes, quantities and special notes.


Referrals for Installation. Dirt Girl Gardens can provide you with reliable referrals from our network of landscape professionals who specialize in site preparation, irrigation, plant and landscape installation, hardscaping and garden maintenance services.