Fiona has been captivated by nature and plants since she was a child growing up in the Bay Area. Over the past decade, Fiona has worked as an environmental educator, elementary school garden teacher, residential gardener, landscape designer, and garden programs coordinator in a retirement community. In recent years, she has been designing, installing and maintaining residential gardens throughout the SF East Bay area.

Fiona holds a Masters degree in ecological landscape design and planning, and has taken part in many horticulture courses, and environmental education and garden related workshops. The gardens she tends are her constant classroom, and nature promotes her learning process on a daily basis. In her own garden, Fiona keeps chickens, grows an abundance of edibles year-round, harvests graywater and rainwater, and tends a very low water, low maintenance landscape. 

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Fiona is a certified Bay-Friendly landscape professional. Her designs are locally and ecologically based, with the aim of keeping our bay watersheds and ecosystems healthy. This is accomplished by considering the local context of the landscape, building healthy soil, minimizing waste and promoting reuse, conserving water and energy with drought tolerant and low maintenance plant choices, and creating habitat for pollinators, beneficial insects and other creatures. 


Master of Arts in Landscape Design, The Conway School of Landscape Design (2009)

Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional Certificate, The Bay-Friendly Coalition (2014)

Permaculture Design Certificate, San Francisco Urban Permaculture Institute (2010)

Garden Teacher Training Program, Occidental Arts and Ecology Center (2007, 2009)

Coursework in Horticulture, Merritt College & City College of San Francisco 

Bachelor of Arts, Pitzer College (2003)